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Muffy Kashkin Grollier

Author    |    Artist    |    Dollmaker

Muffy has been an artist all her life. She began painting around age two.


“My mother would lie down on her bed with me at nap time. Often I would sit and babble while my mother napped. One day as my mother slept, I explored her nightstand. To my delight I found a tube of black paint. I painted the bed, the pillows and blankets and of course, my mother. My mother was a talented artist and my most supportive mentor and teacher.” - Muffy KG


Studying the Craft

After attending the University of Hartford Art School and the Massachusetts College of Art, Muffy continues her artistic studies independently. She takes classes and workshops with a variety of artists to study felting, pastel, watercolors, doll-making and mixed media art. Incorporating different techniques and materials, she experiments to achieve different effects.


Painting in felt

About ten years ago, Muffy began felting three-dimensional characters. She then moved on to two-dimensional artwork, discovering the joys of painting with wool. The techniques she learned with watercolor and pastel made her paintings come to life, adding character to the animals and depth to her colors.

Photographing flowers, trees, and animals, each piece is created using Muffy's own images for reference. One painting can take weeks to make as Muffy weaves inspiration into every piece using a single felting needle.

Exhibits & Shows

She has exhibited in juried shows at:

  • The Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, VT

  • Vermont Hand Crafters annual show in Burlington, VT.

  • Plymouth Arts Guild in Plymouth, MA.


Muffy Kashkin Grollier lives in Vermont with her French Chef husband, two golden retrievers, a cat, geese, and chickens.

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